What is Bookroo's Dynamic Quiz System, and how does it work?


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Online book quizzes have been around for decades. But some services are extremely expensive, others are time consuming for teachers, and none offer the innovative reading verification system Bookroo does.

Unlike other educational digital quiz services, Bookroo combines traditional multiple choice style quiz questions with opportunities for critical reasoning. This is done through a combination of prompting students to verify their reading by answering existing questions and using their reasoning skills to create new questions.

Worried about the kids creating inaccurate or low-quality questions? Don't be! After teachers or students submit quiz questions, Bookroo reviews them for appropriateness and accuracy before publishing.

Another bonus: After quiz takers answer a quiz question, they can provide constructive feedback on the question. They’re asked to rate the difficulty of the question, and they’re asked to analyze whether the question is a good question for assessing whether someone has actually read the book.

Why does this matter? Encouraging kids to formulate their own questions promotes critical thinking and learning. Plus, creating and evaluating questions enhances metacognition skills (thinking about thinking).

And, the TEAL Center Fact sheet on Metacognition explains that "individuals with well-developed metacognitive skills can think through a problem or approach a learning task, select appropriate strategies, and make decisions about a course of action to resolve the problem or successfully perform the task."


As with everything else on the platform, the quiz interface is very easy to use. Quizzes become a fulfilling, satisfying experience that gets incorporated into their reading journey.

Why should you use Bookroo in your classroom? Its dynamic quiz system stands out from the rest.

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